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The New England Region Online Educational Training Course is considered the minimum training for football, spirit and dance coaches.  All coaching personnel on your rosters must take the free online course, which is provided by the New England Region.

This portion is mandatory for all spirit, dance and football coaching personnel on rosters. It's completely free, and coaches can complete the course at their own pace.

We highly recommend that all spirit and dance coaching personnel working with the teams should attend a hands-on clinic sponsored by the Region. We will have two 1/2 day courses available this year.

This training covers all aspects of risk management. Good risk management practices improve Pop Warner’s ability to achieve outcomes, protect assets, reduce the risk of undesirable and costly litigation, and improve the viability of the organization.

The fundamental reason why we require educational training is to minimize the risk to you as a Pop Warner Coach and most importantly for the participants who are in your direct care.

Take the New England Region Online Educational Course